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We buy and sell gently used kids' stuff - all seasons, every day! We pay on the spot for items accepted. No appointment necessary.

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At Once Upon a Child, we strive to give our customers a fun and convenient way to buy and sell their gently used kids stuff.  We buy all seasons, all day, every day, up to 1 hour before closing.  We look forward to seeing you soon!



Frequently Asked Questions:

All Once Upon a Child stores are individually owned. Depending on the owner and what works best for the store with past experience, there are certain items that other stores might accept that we do not accept at our location.

Our location DOES NOT accept:

  • Crib Bedding/Sheets
  • Diapers/Cloth Diapers/Formula
  • Home Decor (Curtains/Mirrors/Dressers/Lamps/Wall Decor/Etc.)
  • Diaper Genies & Potty Seats for Sanitation Purpose
  • Plush Toys & Teething toys for Sanitation Purpose
  • Socks/Underwear/Training Bras for Sanitation Purpose

We select items that meet current style. For apparel, check out our favorite brands located on our "What We Buy" Page. However, they are certain brands that we just can't compete with retail price or doesn't sell well for us like:

  • Garanimals
  • Gerber
  • Limited Too
  • Kidgets
  • Hanes
  • Fruit of the Loom
When it comes to Toys & Equipments, we don't purchase if it's older than Max. 5 years, just for saftey purposes. And we don't purchase any books that are older than 10 years.

Customer: "Do you buy cribs?"

Once Upon a Child employee: "Yes, we do but we dont accept drop down cribs or any cribs that has been manufactor before July 2011."

Customer: "Do you buy car seats?"

Once Upon a Child employee: "For saftey purposes, we do not accept used car seats. No other Once Upon a Child stores will buy them either. This is just because we can't tell if it has been in an accident or not. Also, it's actually illegal for any store to buy and sell used car seats. We don't purchase brand new ones either."


Customer: "Are you current taking infant wear?"

Once Upon a Child employee: "We are always always always selective on infant wear. We are more selective on sizes Newborn - 24Months than any other sizes but we are always willing to take a look at your infant wear and pick out what will best fit our store."

Customer: "What are your buying hours?"

Once Upon a Child employee: "We asked for you to bring your items no later than an hour before we close just so we have time to finish procressing your buy and others before you.

Customer: "How does your trading work?"

Once Upon a Child employee: "You are more than welcome to bring your items in for us to take a look while you shop around. How the trading works is, the cash credit that you earn for selling your stuff will be put towards the items you'd like to purchase that day and you will save on sales tax that day!"

Customer: "What sizes do you go up too?"

Once Upon a Child employee: "We go up to sizes youth 18/20 and shoes youth 4"

If you have any other questions that you don't see above. Feel free to call us at 904-573-0760 :) 




Most Wanted Items:

Have any of these items below? Bring it in!

Pack n Plays                        Highchairs                           Exersaucers

 Halloween Costumes              Jumperoos                         Toys                    

Animated Blue Cute Ghost



We buy & sell gently used clothes, toys & equipment!
Once Upon A Child - Orange Park
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